New Courses in Pilates & Water exercise

From June 10th until July 16 2013

And from August 26th until September 9th 2013

New this season, we will be offering outdoor Pilates lessons every Monday and Wednesday at 9.30 am (50 minutes) and Water gym at 10.45 am (duration 30 minutes) 



Developed by Joseph Pilates, a program consists of bodyweight exercises performed or with the help of small tools, which focuses on the core postural muscles, ie those muscles that contribute to the balance of the body, providing support for the spine.
This technique helps to prevent and mitigate the "back pain", favoring a perfect balance between strength and flexibility.
The exercises that are performed with the Pilates technique is slow, fluid and combined with proper breathing, require a great precision and concentration allowing you to achieve a more conscious and correct posture.


It 'a complete and enjoyable exercise that is done in the water to the rhythm of music. Thanks to the resistance of the water will burn calories and tones the muscles of the whole body, with positive effects on the blood and lymphatic circulation.

The teacher: Silvia Del Carmine

Graduated ISEF
Certified Pilates Institute in London
Certified Bosu Balance Trainer
Teacher Reprocessing Soft Fitness (gymnastics abdominal ipopressiva dynamic)

Silvia Del Carmine, he earned a Bachelor's degree at the Higher Institute of Physical Education in Florence in 1990, with 110 cum laude, and began to work at several gyms in Florence (Atlas, Body and Beauty, Zodiac) as a teacher of Fitness and hip hop.
In 1995 she graduated physiotherapist, and after completing three years of training at the center Sport Clinic of Florence, he worked for three years at a study physiotherapy in Mercatale Val di Pesa. Since 1999 he is the direction of the Sports Arcoballando Tavarnuzze, where he teaches courses in Pilates and gymnastics Abdominal Ipopressiva Dynamics, and since 2006 collaborates with the Association of Aquatica San Casciano Val di Pesa as an instructor in the gym, aqua gym teacher and lifeguard . Constantly continues his education by participating in Convention and refresher courses Postural Gymnastics, Medical and Corrective Gymnastics (Duchenne at the Institute of Florence) and Gymnastics Abdominal Ipopressiva.

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