Villa I Barronci history

“The very antique name of this resort derives from the Baronci family which owned
this place in the XII century; in the XV century it became the Gianfigliazzi family
property and in 1771 it turned to the Pierozzi property who transformed the ancient
farmhouse into a villa.” (G.Carocci – The municipality of San Casciano in Val di Pesa).

“ … follow the road taking to Villa I Barronci whose name derives from the family which
owned this place for several centuries. In 1771 it became Pierozzi family property who
built the villa in place of the farmhouse. Now the villa is characterized by a simple look
with ashlar-worked stones in the corners and in the central front.” – I. MorettiSan
CascianoPublisher Editore Loggia de’ Lanzi –.

The current owners live in this peaceful oasis, offering guests a friendly accommodation.

Nine centuries to tell

The history of Villa I Barronci, from the twelfth century to the present, through historical events of the family Gianfigliazzi (XV century) and Pierozzi (XVIII century) up to the owners of today.

... take the road that brings you to Villa I Baronci. Takes its name to the family who owned it for several centuries. In 1771 it passed to Pierozzi that on the site of farmhouse built the house which now has with its simple facade framed by rusticated stonework in the corners and in the center of the facade." 
I.Moretti - San Casciano - Ed. Loggia de' Lanzi


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