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Full descriprion of massages and treatments : 

Japanese massage (acupressure literally) has its roots in the trunk of the ancient Eastern medical philosophy whose foundation is to follow the laws of nature. Through pressure on the body's energy pathways (meridians) balances the vital functions. Relieves contractures and stress. Good to regain its natural potential of psycho-physical as after a good night's sleep. Helps to recover the awareness and enjoyment of your body and into the depths of the soul. Relaxing and energizing at the same time.

In the life of every day we are subjected to stresses of all kinds, family, work, etc.., Which accumulate in the body becomes tired, stiff, we feel irritable, do not sleep well and so on. Massage helps to recall that wonderful feeling of well-being to better enjoy.

traditional Chinese massage (literally push and hold) and with operations performed on acupuncture points balances the flow of energy for the total well-being.

The foot is one of the areas of the body that reflects what is happening in other parts of the top and allow to act in a reflex of those who report disharmony. Being treated through the feet by a wonderful feeling of recovery of the "roots".

If you do not have much time but still want to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

apanese technique, REI KI universe means energy. The user becomes a channel of energy that pervades everything (universal) and conveys more receptive areas of the body. It 'improper call massage as there is no direct contact.

(back and neck) acts mainly on the muscles, promotes oxygenation, improves mental and physical balance and techniques of dissection gives a sense of liberation.

With this we are going to relax the tension of the face, neck and shoulders. We give radiance and vitality to the face, it reduces tension in the neck and shoulders, the skin relaxes. Good to clear your mind and make you more calm, light and carefree.

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Namaste Wellness Center waits for you at Villa I Barronci with massages and treatments to make you feel better

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